Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kindle Accessories: Cover

Alright, I've done two reviews based on books for the Kindle, now I am going to move back into the realm of equipment.

Kindle Covers

There are three things I would like to hit on about the covers.

1) The uneven lighting. The whole face is well lit, but if you look close the light is dimmer on the bottom. This will only bother you if your OCD about these types of things. As I said, it lights the whole face of the Kindle.

2) The weight. I was slightly disappointed with this. I bought a Kindle with the assumption that it was "super light". When you add the cover it puts that weight at about a paper back book level. In all reality this is perfectly fine, but one of the selling points of a Kindle is it's size.

3) Protection. I am extremely satisfied with the protection the cover gives the Kindle. I wouldn't be very worried if I accidentally dropped it. It seems to offer enough protection that minimal damage would happen.

It's an awesome accessory to add to your Kindle. I am happy I purchased it. It is still in pristine condition after a few months of abuse.

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Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case (Fits 6" Display, 2nd Generation Kindle)

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