Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book of the Day

The Night's Dawn Trilogy

I just recently finished this series of books. In the US the paperback editions have been split into 6 books. It's a very good read if your into the Sci-fi genre. I love the fact, that the Kindle format contains the whole series in one download.

The characters here are very in depth, and the story spans a large portion of the galaxy. Elements of this series seem a little more towards the supernatural , with a scientific element.

A quick overview:

In the 27th century humans have colonised nearly 900 worlds, have living, sentient starships as well as the conventional kind, and are also living in Asteroid communities and in large, living Space stations. Due to policies of 'Ethnic Streaming' by the colonisation authorities, worlds are generally united under a single government, with these governments collectively forming a Confederation. The Confederation includes both Adamists and Edenists, two alien races (the Tyrathca and the Kiint), has an armed Navy (which acts primarily against smugglers, pirates and anti-matter production facilities, which are highly illegal) and a central 'house' based on the world of Avon. Earth is still an important world, with a massive population, exporting a massive number of colonists (both voluntarily and involuntarily), but virtually environmentally destroyed after years of technological abuse

The Night's Dawn Trilogy

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